Trait tide_disco::healthcheck::HealthCheck

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pub trait HealthCheck: Serialize {
    // Required method
    fn status(&self) -> StatusCode;
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A response to a healthcheck endpoint.

A type implementing HealthCheck may be returned from a healthcheck endpoint itself (via its Serialize implementation) as well as incorporated automatically into the global healthcheck endpoint for an app. The global healthcheck will fail if any of the module healthchecks return an implementation h of HealthCheck where h.status() != StatusCode::OK.

We provide a standard implementation HealthStatus which has variants for common states an application might encounter. We recommend using this implementation as a standard, although it is possible to implement the HealthCheck trait yourself if you desire more information in your healthcheck response.

Required Methods§


fn status(&self) -> StatusCode

The status of this health check.

Should return StatusCode::OK if the status is considered healthy, and some other status code if it is not.

Object Safety§

This trait is not object safe.